Training Program



Western Australia is home to people from many cultures that are diverse in religion, race, language, and ethnicity. The attitudes, beliefs and practices within different cultures can often make it difficult for people to adjust to living in a new country.In this situation, “Cultural safety” should be the goal and utmost priority for people who work with ethnic or cultural groups. Cultural safety starts with cultural competence – that is, our ability to work with people with different cultural backgrounds. Cultural safety includes:

  • Understand the needs of the community
  • Establish links between community-based organizations or other organizations serving a particular community, and learn about their expertise and experiences of cultural leaders in their community
  • Provide customised information in other languages.
  • Recognise the cultural practices.
  • Ensure that policies recognise the needs of community in relation to family or religious roles
  • Provide culturally relevant tools to the community you wish to serve.
  • Look at the person as a whole beyond cultural or other boundaries.


MCCWA delivers a comprehensive set of training programs for people who deal with multicultural communities. The training program includes;

  • Cultural Competence Training (Learning the Basics)
  • Working in Culturally Diverse Contexts
  • Diversity and Communication
  • Cultural Safety Training (Beyond Basics)



To learn more about our training program and to know the upcoming training sessions, please contact

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