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Small Stones Program – Youth Specific

This program creates opportunities for real inclusion and active participation of young migrants/refugees in the community.

This program is based on following five projects

Youth Support Project:

This project will provide support to migrants or refugees in the following areas

  • Someone to talk to
  • Friends and Relationships
  • Getting on at School


Youth Job Club Project:
Provides individualised support for young people (14-24) when investigating employment and education pathways, preparing resumes and cover letters, practicing for job interviews and searching for local employment opportunities.
Youth Homework and Study Support Project:

This program provides support to kids from multicultural backgrounds (Grade 2-8) for homework help with university student volunteers.  


Youth Sports Activities (Soccer and Cricket) Project: 

This program offers opportunity to young people from multicultural background to increase social cohesion and participation.


Youth Conversation Circle: 

This program offer opportunities for newly arrived migrants trying to practice their English communication skills. Topics covered in the English conversation circle include Australian life, customs and culture of different communities, health and well-being including sexual health, relationships and pro-social skills.



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